Cute & Effective

I love dogs. I love dogs a lot. In fact, I can’t remember every meeting a dog that I did not like (OK some more than others). But dogs in most parts of the world are not just pets but an integral part of everyday life and contribute greatly. That could not be more true […]

Run Cheetah Run!

From time to time I have written about my visit at the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia. It was a lot of fun spending time out there and introducing Diane to what I had seen and experienced the last time I was there. One of the highlights for me is watching the cheetahs who cannot […]

Cheetahs And The Olympics

Except for ice-skating, most events in the Winter Olympics call for speed if the athlete expects to win gold, silver or bronze. In no sport is this truer than for downhill ski racers. And when you combine the sport of downhill skiing with the speed of the fastest land animal on the planet – the […]

Dinner In The Desert

How do you throw an amazing dinner for several hundred people in the desert? No this is not a question that Moses asked as he wandered around in the hot sand. This was the challenge of our hosts at the ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association) Summit in Namibia. What they did was nothing short of […]