Fun Cheetah Facts

Learn more about the cheetah, one of Africa’s most incredible animals. Fun facts, plus how you can visit the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Africa.


Ignore The OMG And Focus On The AWE

My wife is a journalist. I enjoy and have a lot of respect for the media. But let’s be honest the dissemination of news via, print, the internet, radio or TV is not just about giving people information but also about generating revenue. So do boring happy everyday things generate a lot of revenue? No! […]


Cheetahs And The Olympics

Except for ice-skating, most events in the Winter Olympics call for speed if the athlete expects to win gold, silver or bronze. In no sport is this truer than for downhill ski racers. And when you combine the sport of downhill skiing with the speed of the fastest land animal on the planet – the […]


2nd Annual Meetah Cheetah in Studio City A Huge Success!

This past Saturday my wife Diane and I hosted our second annual “Meetah Cheetah” in Studio City. It was a huge success. So huge in fact that next year we are going to have to find a bigger place! With over 70 guests and friends attending our place was packed for the appearance of Johari from […]

Meetah Cheetah

I am taking a break from my blog about Chile this week to tell you about a very exciting event that is occurring in Studio City this weekend on Saturday May 11 from 4-7 p.m. As I have previously mentioned I am on the Board of Trustees for the Cheetah Conservation Fund. This worthwhile organization […]


Elephants Helping Cheetahs? You Can Too!

In the wilds of Africa, cheetahs and elephants are not friends. But here in the United States, they’re teaming up next week all across the country to celebrate International Cheetah Day! Well, not real elephants and live cheetahs – but on Tuesday, December 4, the popular Elephant Bar restaurant chain will donate 20% of your […]

Staring At the Computer Screen Looking for Lions

Last week I wrote about how I use technology to free me from my desk and allow me to communicate with Steve in Tanzania in a fast efficient manner. No sooner had I sent the story off to my webmaster to post I found another great use of technology. If you want to get a […]

Go Chester Go!

How often does one get an opportunity to help a cheetah start a new life back in the wild? While at CCF Laurie Marker asked if I wanted to help relocate “Chester.” And unite him with his 4 brothers. How could one say no to that? What CCF does is help cheetahs get ready to […]