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CCF EB International Cheetah Day Flyer
CCF EB International Cheetah Day Flyer

Print This Flyer and Bring It With You to Any Elephant Bar on Cheetah Day

In the wilds of Africa, cheetahs and elephants are not friends. But here in the United States, they’re teaming up next week all across the country to celebrate International Cheetah Day!

Well, not real elephants and live cheetahs – but on Tuesday, December 4, the popular Elephant Bar restaurant chain will donate 20% of your food tab to the Cheetah Conservation Fund, based in Namibia. All you need to do is download and print the attached flyer and bring it with you to any Elephant Bar on Cheetah Day. It’s that easy!

Your donation is important. The world’s fastest land animal is an endangered species, with fewer than 2500 of these majestic cats remaining in the wild. Their biggest enemy is humans. The world’s largest cheetah population is in Namibia, where CCF is stabilizing the cheetah population by creating innovative ways for local farmers to live in harmony with the cheetahs instead of killing them to protect their property and livestock.

No matter what time you dine, your bill includes the donation, but if you come to the Elephant Bar in Burbank, 110 N. First Street, between 5-7 p.m., my wife Diane and I will be there to personally thank you and to talk about CCF and our love of Africa.  So come by — it will be fun!

For those outside our area, visit www.elephantbar.com for a location near you.