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You might expect to get a delicious chunk of homemade apple crumble at your Grandma’s house in say, Michigan or Central California. But… in the middle of the Southern Africa desert?

Moose McGregor's Apple Crumble

Moose McGregor’s Apple Crumble

As part of Diane and my recent trip to Namibia to attend the Adventure Travel Trade Association World Summit and to visit the Cheetah Conservation Fund of which I am a trustee (look for some amazing videos and photos soon) we had a chance before the summit started to go on a pre-summit adventure out to the Namib Desert.

To get there required a 4+ hour fun bus ride with fellow participants who we had a great time getting to know. On the way there we stopped at a garage/restaurant/rest stop known as the town of SOLITAIRE. I don’t know the population but it is less than 100. And when I tell you it is out in the middle of nowhere I mean there is nothing even remotely close.

Moose McGregor - apple crumble

Moose McGregor

So imagine our surprise when we discovered Moose McGregor’s bakery with lots of delicious pastries. And further imagine our pleasant surprise that as part of our lunch for about 50 of us Moose served us his delicious Apple Crumble. It was fantastic! The only thing “African” about the experience was that Moose cut pieces big enough to serve to an elephant.

So if you ever happen to be in Namibia and driving to the Namib Desert be sure to stop at Solitaire Latitude : -23 53′ 00” Longitude : 16 00′ 00” and say hi to Moose. And have some of his Apple Crumble. It is so good that it is worth (or at least almost worth) a special trip there to have some.