Rwanda 2017 Part 3: Join me on my Rwanda experience!

Government sponsored FAM trips (trips to show you what the country has to offer) can be an exhausting affair.  Yes, you are a VIP guest of the government and they want to show you the best of what the country has to offer, but every day you are up early driving to another locale meeting […]

Alan at Kwita Izina!

Rwanda is a remarkable country, kindness is everywhere and the people are incredibly welcoming. This video interview was taken at the 2017 Kwita Izina gorilla naming ceremony. In it Alan describes the exciting atmosphere of Kwita Izina and what it’s like to experience this life-changing event. Do you have a question about Kwita Izina? Ask […]

Rwanda 2017 Part 4: I am on African Time.

Rwanda here I come – eventually.  I am three hours late taking off (I keep forgetting I am on African time).  But when I land the fun and excitement begins.  As we get off the bus at the terminal I am talking to a guy who does medical work in Southern Sudan.  Just before I […]


Earthquake In Tanzania

Being a native Californian and having lived in both the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas I have experienced and always live with the thought of earthquakes. And while there is seismic activity everywhere in the world I was quite shocked to hear about a 5.7 – 5.9 magnitude earthquake hitting Tanzania a few days […]

Someone Needs A Geography Lesson

It is not uncommon for people I meet in the U.S. to refer to Africa as a country or to tell me that they would like to go on a 10 day safari and during that time go to Victoria Falls, Cape Town, see the Great Migration and the Gorillas in Rwanda. I usually pull […]


Sherry & Karen’s Excellent Safari Adventure!

PART THREE Sherry & Karen had an incredible gorillas experience. Here is more of their story. Now it is off to see the Golden Monkeys but more importantly they get to know the people of Rwanda even better. Enjoy!   Thursday, Oct 16 – Golden Monkey Day7:00 a.m. Sam pick up. French toast breakfast and […]

Sherry & Karen’s Excellent Safari Adventure!

PART I Almost every week I try to write on this blog. At times it is difficult to come up with something new and interesting to share. However for the next few weeks I thought I would share some excerpts from a wonderful/funny/authentic journal that I received recently from 2 clients – Sherry & Karen […]


E-Blown Out Of Proportion My wife is a journalist. She teaches feature writing instructing students on not only how to write but the ethics and proper way to act as a journalist. First and foremost is to get your facts straight. Unfortunately many in the media forget what they have learned and instead like drama […]