Sitting at the beautiful Ruzizi Lodge in Akagera National Park.  I have just been told by a group of new friends that I have met on this trip that there is an opportunity to go on a night drive in the park.  I have been on several night drives over the years and it is always hit and miss.  Sometimes you see lots of wildlife and other times a few nocturnal animals lying around.  One of the people in our group, Jonathon is on his first trip to Africa and had never been on a night drive, let alone any kind of game drive.  Well he was our good luck charm!  There is an estimate of only 60 leopard in the park and we saw 5% of the total population! (for those of you that are math challenged that is 3).  In addition we saw impala, buffalo with their babies, owls it was amazing.  We joked that we should just keep rubbing Jonathon’s head for good luck for the rest of the trip.  And after I returned to a delicious dinner I fell asleep in my tent to the sound of hippos grunting outside my tent.