Rwanda here I come – eventually.  I am three hours late taking off (I keep forgetting I am on African time).  But when I land the fun and excitement begins.  As we get off the bus at the terminal I am talking to a guy who does medical work in Southern Sudan.  Just before I get on the stairs to get in line for immigration there is a guy with a sign with my name on it.  His name is Emabli and he proceeds to escort me to a VIP lounge (where I am the only person there) and asks me to wait.  He then takes my passport and my $30 visa fee and leaves.  I feel like a movie star being kept from the hordes of fans.  A few minutes later he escorts me to my own immigration official who proceeds to stamp my passport and away I go before anyone else is through.  Then it is off to my hotel in Kigali.  I am riding with a delegate, Peter, from Nairobi and we both cannot get over how clean the city is.  No it is not clean, it is spotless!  And as Peter says it puts Nairobi to shame.  I have always told clients how clean it is, that Rwanda was the first country to ban plastic bags and that the last Saturday of every month is national pride day where everyone is responsible for cleaning their neighborhood.  It is still true.  As you see from my passport stamp it was 4 years ago that I was here.  It is still a beautiful clean friendly city.