My day with the Maasai Part 1: Some Things Are Not Meant To Be.

In the 17 years I have been coming to Africa one of the valuable lessons I have learned from the wonderful people of Africa is that if things do not go according to plans you can be sad, you can be disappointed, but you must accept the fact move on and enjoy what you have. […]


Off To Africa!

At least once but usually twice a year I head over to Africa. Usually part of it is to spend time with friends but the other part is to do research on properties and places so that when people ask about them I can discuss them from experience and not just because I saw a […]

Fantastic Thank You Notes

Back in January I wrote about what a great time I had visiting Kittredge Elementary School. I was invited by our friend Jill Holden who teaches theater there and is putting on a production of the Lion King. I had a great time talking about about wildlife, the people of East Africa and teaching a […]

Good Politics Provides Power To Africa

Sitting watching the Republican debates the other night on CNN I could only shake my head. Here are people who want to be the leader of the free world yelling and screaming at each other, calling each other liars and trying to “out conserve” each other.   But if you stop, wait for the noise […]

The Big Picture Project Is Coming To Kenya

If you ever get depressed by the state of the world take a breath, let the moment pass and you will come across someone doing something positive and wonderful. I received a call a couple of weeks ago from a delightful couple, Karin and Roger Doolin who are professional photographers from the Midwest. They called […]

The Circle Of Life At Kittredge Elementary School

(Or At Least Educating The Next Generation) As we start a new year we think about old and new and starting fresh. Last year I was approached by Jill Holden. She is a friend of ours who does a remarkable job of teaching theater to elementary school students. She told me that she had applied […]


Mountain Biking Anyone?

I first met my ground partner Steve when he and his wife were the managers of Mahale Greystoke. We bonded over a love of kayaking and as I have previously described Steve and I were the first to kayak in an area off the coast of Tanzania. It is how Infinite Safari Adventures was born. […]

The Well Is Up & Running

A Reflection As I have previously written we first had to find a new location for the well, and then we drilled the well, hit a lot water and put the well in. The one thing that was not done while I was in Kenya was to do a pressure test on the well to […]