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Every year I try and go to Africa at least once. Because of my love and passion, it usually ends up being twice a year.  I returned just before Thanksgiving from a great, and whirlwind trip.

First I went to Kenya to visit with my Maasai “Rafiki” (friend) Patrick and his family and then I made my first visit to Botswana (my 13th country on the African continent).

It is an amazing country with lots of wildlife, great people, great camps and an inspiring outlook on conservation that preserves their national treasures.  I saw amazing things as well as visiting 8 different camps and lodges in 6 days.  And while that can be tiring, I can’t wait to go back and visit again!

Over the next few posts I’ll tell you some stories from my trip. I believe stories, friends and photographs are the finest souvenirs and I look forward to sharing some of mine with you.

It is a part of my personal guarantee for an unforgettable trip that I only send friends and clients to places, accommodation, parks, and experiences that I have been to myself. That makes for a crazy schedule while trying to fit everything into a short trip timeframe. It is a whirlwind but a wonderful one.