Thank you New York Times Travel Show!

The New York Times Travel Show was held on January 27-29 and it was a wonderful experience. I made many new friends and had the chance to see some familiar faces! Asante Sana! (Thank you very much) to everyone who visited me at the Infinite Safari Adventures Booth at the 2017 New York Times Travel Show.  I […]


Souvenirs from Africa

It is a part of my personal guarantee for an unforgettable trip that I only send friends and clients to places, accommodation, parks, and experiences that I have been to myself. That makes for a crazy schedule while trying to fit everything into a short trip timeframe. It is a whirlwind but a wonderful one.

Good Morning Africa From Good Morning America!

The ABC morning television program “Good Morning America” is going on safari and taking you with them! Using the latest technology you can have a live immersive 360-degree virtual reality tour of one of the most breathtaking natural wonders in Africa. And best of all they are going to Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater, which some call […]



While 2015 may have brought the world its share of pain and sorrow we all have much to be grateful for. As 2015 winds down let’s focus on the beauty of our world, the positive things that have happened and give thanks for our family, friends, & loved ones. Infinite Safari Adventures wishes you the […]

No Snakes On Safari

But…You Can Still See Them! One of the common questions I get from clients is do they have to worry about snakes on safari. I think some people fear that there is a deadly poisonous snake hidden everywhere and that “they will surely die.” Before my last trip to Tanzania I had seen exactly 3 […]

Everything You Thought You Knew About Safari Is Wrong

My Dad, who is a healthy and active octogenarian, is constantly sending me things by email. Most are silly stories, political rants or cartoons. Usually I will quickly peruse and then delete as I try to keep my inbox clean for the important stuff. However he recently sent me an article that appeared in Conde […]

Hot Off The Presses!

I am very excited as Travel Show season begins this week. Though the first show is in Chicago and I am not prepared for the polar vortex (brrrr) I am excited to be getting out there and sharing with everyone the amazing things that are going on in Africa. For those of you in Chicago […]


Another Great Article For Infinite Safari Adventures Kayaking In Tanzania

Greetings all! Recently Fodors.Com, which reaches 6 million unique visitors a month decided to do a story on non-traditional safari adventures. Needless to say our kayaking extensions in Tanzania is a very non-traditional adventure and Fodors.com honored us by selecting us as one of their adventures! The author, Christina Valhouli, captured it perfectly by describing […]