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My Dad, who is a healthy and active octogenarian, is constantly sending me things by email. Most are silly stories, political rants or cartoons. Usually I will quickly peruse and then delete as I try to keep my inbox clean for the important stuff.

Giraffe Crossing Road

Giraffe Crossing Road

However he recently sent me an article that appeared in Conde Nast Traveler entitled “Everything You Thought You Knew About Safari Is Wrong.” This outstanding article busts 6 of the most popular myths about going on Safari.

I loved it! Especially Myth #6 which is entitled “You Can Plan It Yourself.” As they state the true fact is “Don’t even try it. Putting your safari in the hands of a specialist is the only way to go.” I could not agree more.

You can read the entire article here: Everything You Thought You Knew About Safari Is Wrong.

Thanks Dad!