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The Best African Safari by Alan Feldstein

The Best African Safari – Tips From An Obsessive Planner – Click on Image to Download Book at Amazon.com

I am very excited as Travel Show season begins this week. Though the first show is in Chicago and I am not prepared for the polar vortex (brrrr) I am excited to be getting out there and sharing with everyone the amazing things that are going on in Africa. For those of you in Chicago (1/17-18), New York (1/23-25), Boston (2/6-8), San Diego (2/14-1/15), Los Angeles (2/21-22), Washington DC (3/7-8), or Philadelphia (3/21-22) please make sure you come by and say hello.

Over the years there has been several questions that seem to come up on a regular basis – Best place for you in Africa to go?, How do you select a Safari Company?, Is it Safe?, When is the best time to go?, What are accommodations like?, the food?, shots and medicine?, what animals will I see?, What to Pack?, and even questions about bathrooms in the bush.

Since I can’t meet everyone who wants to go to Africa I decided to write an E-Book called The Best African Safari – Tips From An Obsessive Planner. Well it is now on Amazon and available for download! With the invaluable assistance from my very talented and novelist wife the book answers those questions and more.

Planning a safari can be overwhelming sometimes as there is a lot of information (and misinformation) out on the web. If you are in the process of planning a safari pick up this E-Book (all the proceeds will go to my giving back program) it is a good place to start.

Happy Reading!