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As part of our entourage on our trip we had with us a brother and sister team from the Herero tribe – Boas and Sonya. Boas was very informative and helpful in translating for us. However, three times a day it was Sonya who brought a smile to our faces.

Alan and Sonya - Great Food on Safari

Alan and Sonya

Every morning Sonya would put out an incredible spread in the bush – eggs, bacon, juice and her own homemade bread. After breakfast we would be off to tour but not without some delicacy that Sonya had prepared for lunch for us.

But the real treat came at dinner time. While each night was a veritable feast, what made the dinner most joyful was for Sonya to announce the menu in her native tongue. The Herero language is a beautiful language with a series of clicks and other sounds and we would delight in having Sonya announce the menu.

Sonya could cook up a storm! – lasagna, curry chicken, beef stew along with rice, and a delicious squash called gems squash. What made it even more incredible is that she did it all on an open fire. Thank you Sonya – we loved meeting you, listening to you and enjoying your meals – but I need to come back for the carrot cake!