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One of the most beautiful places I have visited in the world and the first place I went to in Africa was the island of Zanzibar.  People who go with us on our trips all love its exotic beauty.  Unfortunately, sometimes the ever-present plastic bags that appear all over the world can spoil that beauty.

Tanzania - Once Again Is In the Forefront of the Environment

But now the island government of Zanzibar, specifically one of the government ministers, Mrs. Fatma Abdulhabib Fereji, has announced a ban on the manufacture, distribution, sale, storage and use of plastic bags in the islands.   And they are serious. Violators who import the bags can face imprisonment of up to six months and a fine for violating this ban.

One of the reasons for the ban is that between 184,349 and 553,047 plastics bags are dumped in Zanzibar daily, polluting the environment extensively.  They are now urging people to use paper bags and sisal (which is grown extensively in Tanzania) bags that are bio-degradable.

2 Thumbs up to the Zanzibar government!  I applaud them for their efforts at keeping their island pristine.  Care for the environment is one of the many reasons why I tell potential clients that Tanzania is the place to go in East Africa.