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Baobob Tree - Sometimes Called the Upside Down Tree

Baobob Tree

I am always looking for all things related to Africa when I am home in the U.S. but did not expect to come across Baobab fruit in a drink being sold at my local Studio City Farmer’s Market.  Enjoying the long weekend, my wife Diane and I decided to go to the market to pick up some fresh fish to grill.  As we were walking through the market a sign caught my eye.  It was a booth selling a “super food cocktail” and the first ingredient was “baobab fruit for brain muscle and nerve function.”  This certainly confirmed what I wrote about here in September 2011 when I talked about baobab being the next “super fruit.”  You can read the article here.

Well that got me talking to the owner of the stand and telling him how I had eaten raw baobab seeds right from the tree.  I learned that this operation was not to make money but to promote a non-profit organization called “The Organic Soup Kitchen.”  This organization’s objective is “to provide organic, nutritious, wholesome food to marginalized sectors of Santa Barbara’s community.”  One of the ways it does this is to serve organic, healthy food to help prevent nutritional deficiencies in homeless individuals.  It also sells its soups, its drinks and does catering.

I think this is great.  I have always been perplexed that people can purchase chips, cookies and other unhealthy snacks with assistance but can’t by vitamins and other dietary supplements.

The super food cocktail was delicious (and better tasting than plain baobab seeds).  I will let you know if my brain, muscles and nerves begin to function any better.

Baobob Fruit Drink Photo