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Yes! Infinite Safari Has The Best Clients.

I tell people that when you travel with Infinite Safari Adventures you are not just a client but a member of the Infinite Safari family. During this travel show season that attitude has resonated with every show we have done so far.

In every city I travel I have gotten together with several clients. In Boston (brrrrrrr) I organized a small cocktail party for several clients who have traveled with Infinite Safari over the last several years. It was so great to get together, see everyone and hear stories, re-live memories and the profound affect their safari had on their lives.

Leopard in a Tree

Leopard in a Tree

One of my clients surprised me with a gorgeous photo he took of a leopard in a tree that I look at every morning to remind me how amazing Africa is. Another made an incredible book of their safari which I show to people at travel shows.

And I recently found out one of my clients was so affected by her safari that she is making her way back to Tanzania to do charitable work!

People always ask how hard it was to make the change from lawyer to safari operator. Was it worth it? Sure there were challenges, but when I re-visit with my clients, see the affect our safaris had on them the answer is very easy. It was well worth it.