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As many of you know I travel the country attending travel shows and speaking to people about African adventures.  I love sharing my passion about Africa and what Infinite Safari does.

lan Feldstein - Boston 2013 - Winter Storm Nemo
Winter Storm Nemo Day 1 Boston

Day 1 of the Blizzard

Winter Storm Nemo Day 2 Boston

Day 2 of Blizzard

This weekend I was excited to travel to Boston for the Boston Globe Travel Show.  I had a great time last year and several attendees joined me on their first Infinite Safari adventures in 2012-13.  And before the show I got to have drinks (and awesome Boston clam chow-dah) with a few clients/new friends who just returned from Africa.  The three world travelers had an amazing time on their wildlife safari and visit to Zanzibar (check out my Facebook page to see the photo).

What I did not plan on was being smack dab in the middle of the 5th worst blizzard in Boston’s history!  On the news they called it a “blizzicane,” a “snowicane,” or just “the Monster Storm.” A show that was supposed to run Friday-Sunday only was allowed to open on Sunday because street travel was banned.  And while I still got a chance on Sunday to talk to people excited about Africa I spent the rest of the time hunkered down with my sister (thank you!) and digging out over 2 feet of snow.  And while I did not get to spend as much time at the travel show I did get some “adventurous” exercise!