We all like to complain about airlines. I know I do. With crazy fare rules, a fee for everything and making you jump through rings of fire to use your miles there is a lot to complain about.

I travel a lot. In the past I have been a million mile flyer on American Airlines and have belonged to just about every metal level the airlines set. Recently because of where they fly I now fly Delta quite a bit. Though I use them a lot and send lots of business their way they have acted – well like airlines.

But now I have to say bravo! These 2 airlines along with Air Canada have decided to do the right thing. Hunters and others looking to ship lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and buffalo heads and other big-game trophies across the world can no longer do so on these airlines.

I would like to see all airlines take this position and think this is a great part of the effort to stop the behavior that killed Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe. Though they have refused, if they were smart, UPS and FedEx would do the same thing.

So next time my flight is delayed, I am charged another ridiculous fee or an illogical policy is put into place to make our flying experience more miserable, I will stop, take a breath and thank these 3 airlines for doing the right thing.