Earthquake In Tanzania

Being a native Californian and having lived in both the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas I have experienced and always live with the thought of earthquakes. And while there is seismic activity everywhere in the world I was quite shocked to hear about a 5.7 – 5.9 magnitude earthquake hitting Tanzania a few days […]

Kayaking in Malawi

I love to kayak. Wherever I am in the world I love the chance to paddle. That has led me to paddle dug out boats in Benin, a papyrus kayak in Ethiopia as well as paddling with Orcas in British Columbia. I have also had a chance to explore Vietnam, Turkey, Mexico, Hawaii, by kayak. […]

Someone Needs A Geography Lesson

It is not uncommon for people I meet in the U.S. to refer to Africa as a country or to tell me that they would like to go on a 10 day safari and during that time go to Victoria Falls, Cape Town, see the Great Migration and the Gorillas in Rwanda. I usually pull […]

Another Step In Stopping Poaching

Plain and simple, poaching is a problem in Africa. Whether it is South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania or elsewhere in Africa when there is an international demand for ivory or rhino horn there is going to be poaching. And there is not one simple one-size answer to this problem. It must be attacked from many different […]

Good Morning Africa From Good Morning America!

The ABC morning television program “Good Morning America” is going on safari and taking you with them! Using the latest technology you can have a live immersive 360-degree virtual reality tour of one of the most breathtaking natural wonders in Africa. And best of all they are going to Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater, which some call […]

Meet The New Ambassador From Tanzania!

I was very fortunate to have developed a friendship with Her Honor Liberatta Mulamula the Tanzanian ambassador to the United States. I have written about her here before (Click here) and was always impressed by her spirit and drive in representing her country of Tanzania. Thus I was sad, but happy for her, when she […]


Mountain Biking Anyone?

I first met my ground partner Steve when he and his wife were the managers of Mahale Greystoke. We bonded over a love of kayaking and as I have previously described Steve and I were the first to kayak in an area off the coast of Tanzania. It is how Infinite Safari Adventures was born. […]

Back To “Magical’ Kenya

A few days ago I returned from a great trip to Tanzania (I go every year), Kenya (to build a water well for the women of the Ongata/Rongai), and then on to Italy where I had the good fortune to spend 5 glorious days celebrating my 60th birthday with my beautiful wife and 2 amazing […]