Plain and simple, poaching is a problem in Africa. Whether it is South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania or elsewhere in Africa when there is an international demand for ivory or rhino horn there is going to be poaching.

And there is not one simple one-size answer to this problem. It must be attacked from many different angles. There are many elements that must be instituted. Banning the importation of ivory and rhino horn as the U.S. and China has done is one. Putting armed rangers on the ground is another. And as I have previously written arresting and prosecuting those that transport ivory and rhino horn is another.

Now the German Government has donated two surveillance planes to Tanzania to be used in reconnaissance flights over the Serengeti, the second largest national park and the Selous which is the largest game reserve in Africa. 35% of Tanzania is dedicated to national parks and conservation areas. That is a lot of territory to cover.

Unless you have been to Africa it is hard to imagine the vastness of these places and finding poachers and poaching camps can be like finding a needle in a haystack. New methods are being employed including those similar to finding terrorists (which in my opinion these people are) including tracing phone calls, money transfers from phones (very common in Africa) and the source of weapons used to kill animals.

Using these planes which will be manned by two personnel, and are specifically made for low-flying aerial patrol will be another weapon in the arsenal to stop the nefarious deeds of those who care nothing about our planet, our wildlife or the legacy to leave to our children and their children.