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I have been to Nairobi many times. In fact I was there less than a month ago celebrating my friend Patrick’s graduation from college that I posted here. I have friends that live in Nairobi. I have been to the Westgate Mall. I am saddened and disgusted by what has happened there this week.

Sunset Over Baobob - By John Ealer - Nairobi - Kenya

Sunset Over Baobob – By John Ealer

One of the goals of the terrorists is to scare people from going to Kenya and when people are scared they forget that Kenya is but one country on the continent of Africa and decide not to go to Africa at all. That means that not only is Kenya affected but also Tanzania, Rwanda and other East African nations.

But we have to put things into perspective. Not going to Tanzania or other countries in the area is like saying you are not going to visit Canada because of something that happened in United States. And even deciding not to go to Kenya would be misplaced… Vacationing in Yosemite does not put you at risk to things going on in Los Angeles.

What happened was horrible. It can’t be denied. Like Americans who rose above 9/11 I know the Kenyans will rise above this event. And if you are still concerned don’t give up on Africa. There are many options for you to go on a life-changing safari to Tanzania and/or Rwanda. Humanity will prevail.