It Pays To Go And Learn New Things

A few weeks ago I returned from an extraordinary camping trip with my son who was working this past summer for the National Park Service in Yosemite. I drove home from this trip late Sunday night basking in the glow of an incredible time with my son. Arriving home late after driving for 5 hours […]

There Is Hope For The Future of Wildlife

Throughout the history of this blog I have written about the terrible waste, tragedy and sadness in the killing of animals. I have written about my work with the Cheetah Conservation Fund and the effort to prevent the killing of cheetahs, particularly when it is so some rich person can have a cheetah as a […]


Tragedy in Kenya, Humanity will Prevail

I have been to Nairobi many times. In fact I was there less than a month ago celebrating my friend Patrick’s graduation from college that I posted here. I have friends that live in Nairobi. I have been to the Westgate Mall. I am saddened and disgusted by what has happened there this week. One […]

A Very Proud Day

As I write this blog I am grinning from ear to ear as I have just returned from the graduation ceremony of my “rafiki” (friend) Patrick Olepapatiti who graduated with a degree in international business administration from United States International University. The campus of USIU, which has a student population of about 5000, is a […]