Kayaking In Southern California – Check out California Kayaker Magazine!

Almost every weekend you can find me with a group of friends kayaking out of Marina Del Rey California.  Last weekend I led 12 of us on a 20 mile paddle.  We paddled 10 miles to the famous Gladstone’s restaurant in Malibu, had lunch and paddled back.  A tiring but incredible day.  More on that […]

Birds! Birds! Birds! Not The Big 5 But the Little Hundreds

  Everyone who goes on a wildlife safari wants to see the Big 5. That is Elephants, Lions, Buffalo, Leopards and Rhino. They are called the Big 5 because they were at a time the 5 most difficult animals to hunt on foot. Now they are the ones that everyone wants to see on the […]


Shooting Wildlife…With a Camera

Before my first safari in 2000 I had very little knowledge about how to shoot wildlife photography. My learning was by the seat of my pants. One way I learned was by going to the zoo several times to study elephants, lions and other animals and their behavior in the hope I would learn the […]