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Before my first safari in 2000 I had very little knowledge about how to shoot wildlife photography. My learning was by the seat of my pants.

Shooting Wildlife With a Camera

Shooting Wildlife With a Camera

One way I learned was by going to the zoo several times to study elephants, lions and other animals and their behavior in the hope I would learn the best way to shoot them (with a camera of course). I also took some classes in how to compose photos and read some books.

Then off I went to Africa with dozens of rolls of film (this is in the prehistoric pre-digital days) and shot and shot. I was told film was cheap and if you think you got the shot – keep shooting and if you think you are too close – get closer (if you can without getting a warning from an elephant – but that is another story). Both of those were good lessons to learn.

The great thing about Africa, with its beautiful scenery, great light and beautiful animals is everyone comes home with special photos that they love and help preserve that memory of a lifetime. And it does not matter if you have the most expensive equipment, point and shoot or even a cell phone as my wife did on the last safari we went on.

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