Two Types of African Elephants

I have had the amazing experience of having a huge elephant bigger than our car walk so close that if I had wanted to (and been foolish enough) I could have reached out and stroked his trunk. He was so big that even when standing up on the seats of our vehicle he was taller. […]

African Bats are Wildlife Too!

You have heard of lions, zebras and giraffes in Africa, but bats? Did you know that after rodents, bats are the most numerous mammals on Earth? Out of more than 1000 different species that exist throughout the world more than 200 different species exist in Africa. They can be divided into two primary categories – […]

Shooting Wildlife…With a Camera

Before my first safari in 2000 I had very little knowledge about how to shoot wildlife photography. My learning was by the seat of my pants. One way I learned was by going to the zoo several times to study elephants, lions and other animals and their behavior in the hope I would learn the […]

Why We Paddle in the Ocean and Not Fresh Water

Many people ask why we paddle in the ocean and not fresh water.  More people ask what about hippos and crocs?  Never a worry about those animals because we are in the ocean in warm water.  And safety is our primary concern. But there is another important reason.  For a week we travel seeing amazing […]