Fantastic Thank You Notes

Back in January I wrote about what a great time I had visiting Kittredge Elementary School. I was invited by our friend Jill Holden who teaches theater there and is putting on a production of the Lion King. I had a great time talking about about wildlife, the people of East Africa and teaching a […]

The Circle Of Life At Kittredge Elementary School

(Or At Least Educating The Next Generation) As we start a new year we think about old and new and starting fresh. Last year I was approached by Jill Holden. She is a friend of ours who does a remarkable job of teaching theater to elementary school students. She told me that she had applied […]


Tanzania 5 Fun Facts

Infinite Safari Adventures runs safaris in several countries in east and southern Africa. Beginning this week we are going to provide you with 5 fun facts of each country we run safaris in. Since most of our safaris are in Tanzania let’s start there! Tanzania is just a little bit more than twice the size […]


An Unusual Way to Attract Fans to a Concert

I have not had the pleasure yet of hearing a Taraab Music Concert but I am looking forward to it. Taraab or Tarabu music is is a fusion of Swahili tunes sung in rhythmic poem spiced with Arabic or at times Indian melodies. It is found all over East Africa including Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and […]

Native Speaking

Everyone I come in contact with in Tanzania speaks English along with Swahili as well as their tribal language be it Maasi, Meru, Chagga or the myriad of other tribes that live in Tanzania.  However, in all my travels around the world I have made it a point to at least learn to say “hello”, […]