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I have not had the pleasure yet of hearing a Taraab Music Concert but I am looking forward to it. Taraab or Tarabu music is is a fusion of Swahili tunes sung in rhythmic poem spiced with Arabic or at times Indian melodies. It is found all over East Africa including Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania.

Taraab or Tarabu Music

I recently read of an interesting ritual shortly before a Taraab concert in Dar Es Salaam.  Shortly after crew was finished setting up the stage the lead singer showed up with a whisker and some liquid in a container which he splashed around the hall.  When asked about the significance for doing this he stated this was a routine that he does before the show to attract more fans.  Did it work?  Well it was reported that there was a full house!

Perhaps some new and up and coming artists in this country might want to give it a try to increase their popularity!  If you want to hear some of this music check it out on ITunes or other music library locations.