Kayaking in Malawi

I love to kayak. Wherever I am in the world I love the chance to paddle. That has led me to paddle dug out boats in Benin, a papyrus kayak in Ethiopia as well as paddling with Orcas in British Columbia. I have also had a chance to explore Vietnam, Turkey, Mexico, Hawaii, by kayak. […]


A Unique Way To Do The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I knew it was only a matter of time before I received a challenge from someone for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to support a cure for ALS. While I was really not looking forward to it I wasn’t going to shy away from it because it is a horrible disease. I know someone who […]

Another Great Article For Infinite Safari Adventures Kayaking In Tanzania

Greetings all! Recently Fodors.Com, which reaches 6 million unique visitors a month decided to do a story on non-traditional safari adventures. Needless to say our kayaking extensions in Tanzania is a very non-traditional adventure and Fodors.com honored us by selecting us as one of their adventures! The author, Christina Valhouli, captured it perfectly by describing […]

Infinite Safari Adventures Named One Of 2014 Top 10 By FoxNews.Com

Last week my web master extraordinaire, Rick Jackson, (if you need a web master he is your guy [Rick’s Web Creations]) asked me if I had seen an article from Active Times which was followed up on and published by FoxNews.com. I had not and imagine my delight and surprise when I clicked on the […]


And The Winner Is…

Infinite Safari Adventures! I have just received notification that the Tanzania Tourist Board has given Infinite Safari Adventures its 2013 award for Product Development. This award was given to Infinite Safari Adventures “in recognition of Infinite Safari’s unique offering of kayaking in Tanzania as well as the development of this exclusive adventure in a remote […]


Kayaking In Africa

  I love to kayak.  I love to take people kayaking.  I love to explore in a kayak.  Did I mention I love to kayak? This past August when I was in Africa I had two unique opportunities to go paddling in Africa.  The first was when Infinite Safari Adventures brought a multigenerational family of […]

Kayaking In Southern California – Check out California Kayaker Magazine!

Almost every weekend you can find me with a group of friends kayaking out of Marina Del Rey California.  Last weekend I led 12 of us on a 20 mile paddle.  We paddled 10 miles to the famous Gladstone’s restaurant in Malibu, had lunch and paddled back.  A tiring but incredible day.  More on that […]

You Have Made Origami Cranes – How About A Kayak?

Generally it’s bad news when you hear that someone’s business is folding, but in this case it’s good news — for kayakers. When I travel and I am going to be by the water I will always look for an opportunity to paddle – even if it is a dugout with a stick and tin […]