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I knew it was only a matter of time before I received a challenge from someone for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to support a cure for ALS. While I was really not looking forward to it I wasn’t going to shy away from it because it is a horrible disease. I know someone who was recently diagnosed with it and anything that can be done to help I am all for.

But as I watched all the videos of people doing the Ice Bucket Challenge particularly of those in California I was struck by one thing. California is in the midst of a horrible debilitating drought. It seemed like a waste of water to just dump it on you while you are standing on the ground.

Thus this week when I received an email challenging me to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge I came up with an idea. As I do most weekends I would be out in my kayak in the Pacific Ocean. While it does not have ice it does have cold water. Thus I decided to do my challenge by capsizing my kayak and rolling it back up. Plus it is always good to practice your roll!

So here it is. Support the ALS challenge. Challenge each other. Just don’t waste water.