Tanzania 5 Fun Facts

Infinite Safari Adventures runs safaris in several countries in east and southern Africa. Beginning this week we are going to provide you with 5 fun facts of each country we run safaris in. Since most of our safaris are in Tanzania let’s start there! Tanzania is just a little bit more than twice the size […]

That’s My Boy!

Ok, right off the bat I am going to admit that this is a shameless plug and plea. But it is not for me. It is for my son Darrow (named after Clarence) Feldstein. To say I am a proud papa of my children would be an understatement. Those who know me know how much […]


Infinite Kayak Wins a Spot in Paddlers Photo Calendar

Now that the year is winding down it is time to think “what calendar should I hang on the wall?” How about a calendar from paddlng.net Why you ask? Check out the month of May. Yes, I am Mr. May! Well not really (which I am sure you are happy about, but I am proud […]