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Sherry & Karen’s Excellent Safari Adventure!

Sherry & Karen’s Excellent Safari Adventure!

Almost every week I try to write on this blog. At times it is difficult to come up with something new and interesting to share. However for the next few weeks I thought I would share some excerpts from a wonderful/funny/authentic journal that I received recently from 2 clients – Sherry & Karen who traveled to Rwanda and Tanzania in October.

I met Sherry and Karen at the LA Times travel show and from the first meeting with them I knew it was going to be a great experience. They possessed that wonderful travel spirit. They researched what I provided, asked a million questions (which I loved) and from that we put together a dream safari for them. As with many clients it had a profound affect, Africa is now in their blood and they are discussing coming back. More importantly I have 2 great new friends and members of the Infinite Safari Adventures family.



Arrive Kigali, Sam is waiting with a big smile. Off to Mille Colline Hotel, security car check as we enter hotel parking lot. Check in, late evening, 1st Ambien, 1st mosquito bite – goodnight.

Tuesday, Oct 14

7:30 a.m. wake up call. Delicious breakfast at hotel, polite and beautiful staff. Weather is warm and humid, and as we changed tables from outside to inside, Sherry spilled big glass of juice all over table and herself Staff jumped in, shirt laundered and hand delivered to room a half hour later.

9:30 a.m. – Sam pick up. Kigali Town Center, Genocide Museum (unspeakable atrocities), new Kigali, lunch at Chez Robert – casaba ( spicy ) and lots of vegetables, tasty. Tour continues with old Kigali and we begin our drive up into mountains – Gorillas here we come!
Rwanda is divided into 5 provinces: north, south, east, west and central – we are heading into northern province Sam stops in a little town along the way for our first taste of banana wine. Karen got locked in upstairs bathroom – found her way out before calling for help!

A few hours later we arrive at Jack Hanna’s Gorilla Nest Lodge – beautiful beyond words – inside/outside We are in NW Rwanda, Volcanoes National Park We are the only guests in lovely 2bedroom/3bathroom home with a staff of about 5 people – Judith, manager, 2 chefs, assistants, servers ( Jennifer – our favorite ) Bill Gates previous guest Dinner – vegetable curry for Sherry / roasted chicken for Karen – food is outstanding, fresh & healthy Early to bed …
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