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New Logo for Infinite Safari AdventuresWelcome to Infinite Safari Adventures! That’s right – we changed our name.

Why You might ask? One reason: We’ve simply become so much more than a kayak company.

As our past guests can attest – our itineraries now include all sorts of adventure activities, not just water sports and our new name is designed to reflect this diversity.

As you may know, “Safari” means “journey” in Swahili – and it’s in the spirit of discovery and journeying that we change our name.

In 2012 we’re introducing a menu of options in order for you to put together your dream trip because “Someday” is Now! We know that for most people Africa is a dream destination – and we want to help you seize the day to make your dream trip become a reality.

With our new name – we’re also launching a new social media campaign – with fun trivia and great stories from the destination. To celebrate the new name – we have a competition – so visit our Facebook page for your chance to win!

PS: Other great companies changed their names too – so we know we are in good company. Did you know Pepsi Cola was first called “Brad’s Drink,” The Google boys originally named their search engine “BackRub,” and Nike was originally “Blue Ribbon Sports.”

PPS: We’re still kayaking! We could never give that up – We are the only safari company to offer kayaking and it is one of the things that makes us unique! How many people can come back from safari and say I just was kayaking in Africa! Contact us for details.