A Tanzanian Photographic Odyssey Video is Now on YouTube!

Back in February I put out a call for all wildlife and nature photographers and proudly announced that Infinite Safari Adventures had teamed up with Jansen Photo Expeditions to offer a Tanzanian Photographic Odyssey. They are great teachers and offer the technical and stylistic techniques necessary for participants to create not only good exposures with expressive and […]


Infinite Kayak Wins a Spot in Paddlers Photo Calendar

Now that the year is winding down it is time to think “what calendar should I hang on the wall?” How about a calendar from paddlng.net Why you ask? Check out the month of May. Yes, I am Mr. May! Well not really (which I am sure you are happy about, but I am proud […]

Shooting Wildlife…With a Camera

Before my first safari in 2000 I had very little knowledge about how to shoot wildlife photography. My learning was by the seat of my pants. One way I learned was by going to the zoo several times to study elephants, lions and other animals and their behavior in the hope I would learn the […]