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I love when I get emails like this and therefore had to share it. This October in celebration of a wedding anniversary and a late birthday celebration 2 couples are traveling together on a wonderful custom safari. Today I received the following email from Renee, one of the travelers and well… I could not say it better myself:


Hi Alan – in case you have other clients who live in or near DC, I thought I’d report that visiting the Tanzanian embassy there is a pleasure! I picked up our visas today and I don’t even know why I bothered paying the parking meter because I was in the building for less than 60 seconds. I was expecting the process to be pretty annoying: I figured they’d hassle me about bringing in a backpack, and there’d be a long line, and the employees would be rude, and they’d tell me I filled out the wrong form, etc., But instead the receptionist was extremely friendly and she directed us to the visa department just down the hall, where there was no line and the employee there was just as warm and friendly. She scanned our applications, said they looked good, charged my credit card, and said the visas would be ready in 5 business days. It was so easy I decided to take back the FedEx envelope I’d brought and just pick them up in person! We were so taken with everyone’s friendliness that when we were picking a place to get lunch we said we wished the Tanzanian embassy served meals so we could go back there! It was even easy to park nearby, which is pretty rare in DC. So feel free to tell anyone in the DC metro area that if they want to save on shipping costs, the embassy is easy to visit.

It does not surprise me and so far everyone that is traveling with me has reported on a similar experience in getting their visas whether it was in person or by mail. So even if you do not live in the DC area just know that there are warm friendly people taking care of your visa for you!