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Do you have a bucket list? We do! Here are five adventures on our bucket list, hoping to make the “ticks” in 2012!

Steve on Meru

Spotting a Kill is the holy grail of safari. We haven’t seen one (in real life) yet!

Biking around Zanzibar – we’ve been to Zanzibar, and we can nearly guarantee that like us, you’ll immediately fall in love with the willowy dhow boats, ancient stone town and delicious food. But one thing we’ve yet to do is bike around the Island. Anyone up for it?

Climbing Mt. Meru. Most people think of climbing Kilimanjaro and we had an awesome time doing that, but there is another mountain their – Mt. Meru – not as high but a little more technical.

Drinking Blood with the Maasai: Join a Maasai ceremony where the tribe drinks the blood of their cattle right from the live animals neck! (It doesn’t harm the cow at all). It’s highly nutritious, but I might call it an “acquired taste.”

Eating Matoke – we’ve done this, but we want to make sure you get it on your list. Matoke is steamed plantain and its healthy, delicious and available on the roadside. If only I could find it in LA….