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I have been writing about the Serengeti Highway in Northern Serengeti that would be devastating to wildlife and tourism. I have told you how such an endeavor would be an ecological disaster. It would interrupt migration patterns, endangering human lives and spoil the beauty of the vast plains. It is wrong on so many accounts and it saddens me to even think of it being proposed. It angers me that it could be a reality. This ill-conceived project changes all the rules, and would destroy the integrity of a priceless world heritage that has been protected by the people of Tanzania since the birth of their country.

The environmental impact of this ill-conceived project was carefully laid out by the World Heritage Centre including (i) restriction on animal movements and migration routes, (ii) direct impact on wildlife mortality, (iii) habitat fragmentation and modification, (iv) increased impact from human activities, including poaching, (v) hydrological impacts and soil erosion and (vi) introduction of invasive and destructive exotic species.

Yet despite this the plans are still going forward. It should come as no surprise that one of the reasons may be mining and other natural resource interests from foreign investors who do not care about Tanzanian’s environment.

No one can argue that Tanzania has the right to exploit their resources and raise money to provide a better life for their people. But there are ways to address both – and they have been proposed. You can learn more at www.serengetiwatch.org. You can also sign a petition to ask the government of Tanzania to accept support for an alternate southern route and an offer by the German Government to develop roads for local communities. If you want to sign the petition I have included a take action form on this post, or you can go to this web page: www.savetheserengeti.org/serengeti/issues/alerts/#axzz1IdLymrOa.

I will continue to keep you posted.

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