Uber Is Everywhere

While not an Uber or Lyft junkie I do use the ride sharing services from time to time when it is convenient. I especially use it in the U.S. when I am traveling as I find it less expensive and less a hassle than renting a car. It did not occur to me to use […]

A Great Story To Read In Zambia & Malawi

When I travel I like to bring one or two books to read on my trip. As is tradition, when finished I leave them at the camp I am staying at and if I need more reading material exchange it for another book in the camp library. I was fortunate that just before I left […]

Chilling In The Grass

Giraffes are some of my favorite animals to view in the bush. Besides being beautiful they are graceful and just seem to do everything in a slow and gentle manner. It is impossible for a giraffe to lie down completely as their heart would have to work too hard to pump blood all the way […]

African Textiles

There are many worthwhile projects and small businesses in Africa and they are sprouting up all the time. Without trying to become a large multi-national corporation and to take over the world these businesses supply jobs to local communities and provide sources of income for local residents. As part of our Zambia-Malawi tour we got […]

Merry Band of Travelers

I have just returned from spending 4 weeks in Africa. I believe strongly that when I put safaris together for people I should not send anyone anywhere or have them do anything unless I have been there or done it myself. Thus I go to Africa at least once a year. This year was quite […]


Zambia – An Undiscovered Gem?

As a member of the Adventurers’ Club of Los Angeles and the Explorers Club you can understand that I love adventure and I love to explore. I also love to learn and as I learned it is wiser to admit what you don’t know than to try and show what you do (or don’t) know. […]