4th Annual “Meetah Cheetah” – A Resounding Success

If you don’t know by now (wait I have not told you 🙂 ) I am on the Board of Trustees of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (www.cheetah.org). Every year I have done an event entitled “Meetah Cheetah” to coincide with CCF founder Dr. Laurie Marker’s spring tour through the United States. I am proud to […]


2nd Annual Meetah Cheetah in Studio City A Huge Success!

This past Saturday my wife Diane and I hosted our second annual “Meetah Cheetah” in Studio City. It was a huge success. So huge in fact that next year we are going to have to find a bigger place! With over 70 guests and friends attending our place was packed for the appearance of Johari from […]

Meetah Cheetah

I am taking a break from my blog about Chile this week to tell you about a very exciting event that is occurring in Studio City this weekend on Saturday May 11 from 4-7 p.m. As I have previously mentioned I am on the Board of Trustees for the Cheetah Conservation Fund. This worthwhile organization […]


Meet A Cheetah!

I will spare you the bad jokes of “take a seatah to see a cheetah” “what a treatah” “cheetahs are neetah” or “nothing sweetah than a cheetah” (OK I could not help myself). In a past blog I told you about my experience about visiting Dr. Laurie Marker at the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia […]