The Big Picture Project Is Coming To Kenya

If you ever get depressed by the state of the world take a breath, let the moment pass and you will come across someone doing something positive and wonderful. I received a call a couple of weeks ago from a delightful couple, Karin and Roger Doolin who are professional photographers from the Midwest. They called […]


The Well Is Up & Running

A Reflection As I have previously written we first had to find a new location for the well, and then we drilled the well, hit a lot water and put the well in. The one thing that was not done while I was in Kenya was to do a pressure test on the well to […]

Time To Hand The Well To The Community

After drilling through rock, hitting water and putting the casings down the well it was then capped off. This was done until a pump test could be conducted which shows the volume of water that flows (they estimate it will be between 25-30 cubic meters per hour – one of the largest in the area) […]

Maji Ni Uhai! Water Is Life! Part 3

We Hit Water! A lot of water! Prior to the well being drilled a survey was done which showed areas that we were likely to hit water. That is why we chose this area. Well (no pun intended) we hit water. A lot of water. We had arrived at the site in the morning but […]

Maji Ni Uhai! Water Is Life! Part 2

Let The Drilling Begin! The area that we have decided to drill in is in the Namelok District near Amboseli National Park in Kenya. It is an area known as Noonkotiak. There are over 500 people in this community and water is far away and hard to get. Thus this is a great location to […]

Maji Ni Uhai! Water Is Life! Part 1

Finding A Location – First Problem Solved Last week I posted a blog item about my promise to the women of the Ongata/Rongai area to drill a water well for them. As I write this I am sitting at the fantastic Kibo Safari Lodge having spent the last several days drilling a well. This will […]

Maji Ni Uhai! Water Is Life!

A Promise Fulfilled Three years ago I made a promise to the women of the Ongata/Rongai area where my Rafiki Patrick who I have written extensively about is from. I learned that they walk 6km (3.8 miles) everyday for water. I felt I needed to fix that but I wanted to not just come in […]


Help Us Get Over The Top

Buy An African Dog Collar! As you know as part of our giving back philosophy I started a project called Dog Collars For Africa. The concept is that I would underwrite the costs of materials and the women of the Ongata-Rongai village would use their incredible talents to make Maasai Beaded Dog Collars. Then a […]