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One of the first questions I get asked when people are planning a trip with me is – Is it safe? I tell them yes it is very safe. And I tell them why including the fact that not only are the people so warm and friendly but tourism is very important to the economy of Africa. They want you to have a good and safe time.

Alan Feldstein - is it safe to travel Tanzania

Sure we can always point to isolated incidents, but that is like saying if there is a robbery in New York City you should not travel anywhere in the United States.

This concern of safety was recently confirmed in a global study of CNN consumers’ travel perceptions and behavioral trends. That study revealed that safety and security was of greater concern when choosing an international travel destination, than any other deciding factor – more important than price.

The survey asked global respondents from over 70 countries, recruited via CNN websites, to identify the key influencing factors in their decision making process, when deciding upon both leisure and business travel destinations. According to Didier Mormesse, Senior Vice President, Ad Sales Research, Development & Audience Insight at CNN International “Destination branding has become one of the most competitive aspects of today’s tourism industry and these insights are valuable for countries looking to market themselves as the destination of choice for travellers.”

As a marketer of Africa I can tell you that it is still a very safe choice of travellers – with lots to offer. I hope to see you there!