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A client who recently returned from one of our trips sent this to me. It was written by the child of one of her cousins. I could not say it any better myself.

From the Mouths of Children

Written by Jake… 6th grade.

I am Africa
I am the endless downpour besieging the rainforest canopy
I am the towering mountain in the flat land, seen from miles around
I am the zebra herds roaming the stretches of Savanna Plains
I am the beat of the drum echoing through the halls, calling for more gold
I am the glistening gems, the object people go mad over
I am the small orphans caring for their even smaller siblings
I am the fresh meat tasted by the lion
I am the old meat, left for the vultures
I am the small children shipped off to be soldiers
I am the fear of those who must steal their own survival from their neighbors
I am the raging elephants as I discover another brother being shot
I am the beauty of a gentle stream that supplies a mighty river with my water
I am the thirst felt by those affected by long dry seasons
I am the love, in family, that persevered through all crime and disaster
I am Africa