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Going on an African safari was not high on my list of “things to do”!  but an opportunity arose with good friends and the thought of all us hanging out together for a couple of weeks  – ANYWHERE – sounded like great fun and I didn’t want to miss out.

Diane at Rivertrees

Diane at Rivertrees

Now I’m back and reflecting on what just happened to me! Blind-sided, short-sighted, dumb-sighted!  What was I thinking! African safari’s are so cool!  From the luxurious accommodations, delicious food & wine, incredible animal sightings (right out the window of the jeep, not miles away – right there, face to face), – wow, a truly unique and life changing experience.

It’s like a really really good book.  You want to read it again and again because you never want it to end – even though you know what happens next you find something new with each read!  Thanks for looking after our every need Alan & Steve, you are both conscientious and capable tour directors i never felt abandoned or at odds on what to do.  And I’m looking forward to my “next read” really really soon.

Asante Sana!