Or canoeing? Maybe if you live in Los Angeles which is where the home office of Infinite Safari Adventures is located. We have here a concrete structure called the LA River that when it rains hard can be flooded and dangerous, but certain parts are beautiful and there has been a movement afoot for a very long time to return the LA River to a more natural state and allow people to enjoy it.

It seems a Canadian Folk Band called TWIN was researching rivers to paddle down during the cold Canadian winter months discovered a statement by the Environmental Protection Agency that the Los Angeles River was deemed “traditional navigable water.” One small problem – it has not yet been declared open to the general public.

Thus when theses experienced paddlers tried to navigate the river by canoe they were cited for trespassing and loitering. Fortunately the charges have been dropped and their legal odyssey has ended. You can read more about it in our online community newspaper (where my wife and dog happen to have a column – check out “A Paw In The Door” – ok shameless plug over) here http://studiocity.patch.com/articles/canadian-folk-band-twin-finally-free-of-all-charges-for-kayaking-down-the-la-river

This is good because actually there are people trying to get kayaking the river off the ground so people can appreciate their urban environment.

I guess I will no longer need my FREE THE TWIN TWO T-shirt.