Clever Solutions To Prevent Poaching

Poaching continues to be a huge problem throughout the world. As such people all over the world have tried to devise creative solutions to stop this scourge of some of our most precious natural resources. One idea is to dye the horns of elephants and rhino pink to deter people from poaching. The concept is […]

The Big Picture Project Is Coming To Kenya

If you ever get depressed by the state of the world take a breath, let the moment pass and you will come across someone doing something positive and wonderful. I received a call a couple of weeks ago from a delightful couple, Karin and Roger Doolin who are professional photographers from the Midwest. They called […]


Sherri & Karen’s Excellent Adventure Into Ngorongoro Crater!

PART SIX Sherri & Karen continue their adventure by making their way to the iconic Ngorongoro where the wildlife is plenty! Tuesday, Oct 21 Up early and out to a full day in the Crater. It’s so lush and green on the car drive down and we see narrow trails which the Maasai walk every […]

Going For The Maasai Gold!

I love the Maasai. They are a group of people you can learn a lot from. They look out for each other. Help each other with no expectation of reward in return and they easily laugh. They are also a brave group of people and as they graze their cattle in the bush there is […]


The Lions Guardians

One of the things I truly enjoy and never get tired when I am in Africa is seeing animals in the wild and watching how nature interacts. It is great to come upon a herd of impala, zebras, and giraffes (one of my favorites) as they slowly graze or move about. It is also exciting […]

Another Magnificent Animal Lost to Poaching

Rhino Horn and Elephant Ivory poaching are still a big problem in Africa. It is a wasteful tragedy of wildlife. More than 442 Rhinos have been killed this year in South Africa alone. Rhino Horn is merely keratin, the same stuff your fingernails are made out of and is not an aphrodisiac nor can it […]


Meet My New Friend Baraka The Rhino

During my safari in the Ol Pajeta Conservancy we stopped off at the conservancy headquarters. There I was led by David, a great ranger at the conservancy to meet a blind black rhino named Baraka. Black rhinos are notorious for having poor eyesight, but a completely blind black rhino cannot survive alone in the wild […]