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Yam - 3 letter word for "A Starchy staple of Africa" Ever since we have been together my wife has enjoyed doing the NY Times Crossword puzzles. She can even do the impossible Saturday one. I have never been into the puzzles but one day when I had some time I looked at one (it was a Monday and thus the easiest one) and lo and behold I finished it in about 30 minutes! Now I can’t stop doing them (unless they are the really hard ones – hey I am still a rookie). What I do love is the African clues and many times there seems to be one in the puzzle.

Last night my wife was tackling the Sunday puzzle and 69 down had the clue “A Starchy staple of Africa.” It was for a 3 letter word. We were both stumped. Know the answer? Well it turns out, [of course!] to be a yam. Yes, yams are very plentiful in Africa.

What many people don’t know is that a yam is not the same as a sweet potato. Authentic yams are white-fleshed, starchy tubers that come from Africa. They have rough, scaly skin and are long – some can grow up to seven feet in length-and are cut and sold in sections. They do not have a sweet taste but a starchy taste. I have good recipes for sweet potatoes. Does anyone know any good recipes for yams?