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We always recommend that our clients take out travel insurance. But why? It is an added cost to the trip and it can be expensive as premiums are based on both the cost of the trip and the traveler’s age I rarely take out travel insurance for any of my adventures but when it comes to a safari or other adventure with large deposits and set dates it is essential.



Here’s why it’s worth the investment: On a safari you are not staying at 300-room hotels where there is always a vacancy and you can move your stay a day or two without penalty. You cannot do that on a custom safari. The lodges and camps are small and thus their survival is based on making sure each room is booked and paid for. There is no 24-hour cancellation refund policy. And since you are moving from camp to camp if you miss one stop, your safari schedule can collapse like a house of cards.

And what if your flight is delayed? You or a close family member gets sick? You break a leg and can’t climb Kilimanjaro? You have already paid at least 50% of the cost of your safari and if you are within a month or two of departure you have paid the whole thing. Without insurance you will lose that entire cost. A safari is a special trip and calls for special attention to such details.

There are many good insurance companies out there. One of them is TravelEx. Infinite Safari Adventures has begun a relationship with TravelEx (you can find the link on the home page of our web site). Whether you need travel insurance for a safari with us or another adventure, if TravelEx is the right insurance for you then if you purchase the insurance through our web site a portion of the premium will be donated to my Dog Collar/Water Well project.  Our goal is to build the well next year and we are on target to make that a reality. So if you need travel insurance click here for a free quote! The women of the Ongata-Rongai Village and I thank you!