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OK here is a question. Which is more expensive – a trip to New York or a Safari in Africa? If you think Africa guess again. A day in NY is more expensive per person than a day on Safari. A typical safari day will cost between $450 and $550 per person per day (yes you might find cheaper ones but as I said in my prior blog on costs make sure there are no hidden costs). Let’s look at the cost of a typical New York vacation day.

The Big Apple or The Serengeti

Average Hotel Cost in New York $300.00
3 meals per day $100.00
A ticket to a Broadway Show $150.00
Taxi trips (3x) $  25.00
Tours and Museums $  80.00
Tips, drinks & incidentals $  50.00
TOTAL $705.00

And seriously which one offers the sights you would rather see?