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I have been in the safari business for a long time – from managing lodges to running safaris.  During that time I have had the opportunity to meet many people on holiday and talk to them about what they like and don’t like.  Many people are looking for holidays with an experience attached. Wildlife viewing safaris provide this in many ways- surely one of the most exciting things is to be face to face (maybe a bit of glass in between you) with a huge primal, lethal beast.  The problem with this is that it involves a lot of time sitting in a vehicle.

Elephants by the Watering Hole

Elephants by the Watering Hole

Other people are looking for an activity holiday… the problem with this is that it can mean spending all your holiday doing something that only has passing interest to you (or none at all to your partner). And you do want to relax as well — it is your holiday after all.

Alan and I took all of that information and in creating our company developed a philosophy of really listening to our clients and paying attention to every detail.  We found the best thing is to mix up a bit of everything… a wildlife safari, then mix in a bit of bush horse riding, some gentle cycling, a bit of sea kayaking, some sightseeing and/or some time relaxing on the beach.

Have we succeeded?  Well judge for yourself.  Here is what one of our recent clients told us “We are lucky to have had many great holidays in our lives. However, we would put our trip with Infinite Kayak Adventures in a class by itself.  It was a really special trip for all of us.  We congratulate ourselves on our choice of tour companies!!  We feel that choosing a smaller company was a big plus as IKA really listened to us and tried to tailor the trip to us.  No detail was too small (e.g. coffee, biking).  We really doubt we would have had such good service and attention to detail with a bigger company.  One of our group had been on a safari with his parents earlier in the year and said that he thought IKA was much better than the company his parents used.”