Kayaking in Malawi

I love to kayak. Wherever I am in the world I love the chance to paddle. That has led me to paddle dug out boats in Benin, a papyrus kayak in Ethiopia as well as paddling with Orcas in British Columbia. I have also had a chance to explore Vietnam, Turkey, Mexico, Hawaii, by kayak. […]

Rules In the Bush

To paraphrase a line from the book “Where Soldiers Fear to Tread: A Relief Worker’s Tale of Survival” There are no rules in the bush. One night as we were on a night drive making our way back to our lodge we heard quite a commotion. It appears that 2 young male lions had attacked […]



We will be back soon with the continuation of Sherry and Karen’s Excellent Safari Adventure. However as this is the start of 2015 and people are making resolutions about changing their lives I thought I would share with you a new concept that allows people to do just that. A little over a year ago […]


The Dogs of Chile

Those who know me know I love dogs. The love may not be a strong enough term. I am obsessed with dogs particularly my dog the famous “Heidi Feldstein” – actress and writer (you can read her deathless prose here). Whenever I am traveling I always miss her (oh yeah and my wife) and so […]