Follow Us!

I am not referring to Facebook. I am not referring to Twitter. What I am referring to is following our tracks via SPOT! Today I am leaving (actually I left at 12:30 am) with 6 friends, fellow kayak instructors and safari clients for a multisport trip to Patagonia Chile. We are going to go horseback […]


The Dogs of Chile

Those who know me know I love dogs. The love may not be a strong enough term. I am obsessed with dogs particularly my dog the famous “Heidi Feldstein” – actress and writer (you can read her deathless prose here). Whenever I am traveling I always miss her (oh yeah and my wife) and so […]

Torres del Paine

After 3 days on the boat it was time to say goodbye to our hosts. Fortunately I still had a few extra days and even more fortunately I had met some great people on the boat as well. So my new friends Nick Mead of Auckland Sea Kayaks and Mike Ritenour of Underwater Design Development […]